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The World Top CMS

Come for the software, stay for the community. Drupal has established itself as one of the world's leading Content Management Systems (CMS) for complex, mission-critical, large-scale projects, as well as for compact, professional applications. Drupal is versatile due to its modularity: core functionality can be extended to allow a Drupal site to serve as a community portal, corporate website, e-shop, authoring system, project management tool with time recording, or intranet. Similarly, a Drupal site can efficiently serve a range of different types of media content, such as Web, mobile Internet, and social media content. Drupal's "multi-site" feature also allows content to be delivered via multiple channels.

Specific Drupal CMS Development Services

We provide consultation and advice to clients using or wishing to convert to the Drupal CMS, as detailed below.
• Bespoke Website Design and Drupal CMS Integration
• Customized Graphic Design and Theme Creation
• Module Integration and Module Coding
• Customized HTML, CSS, PHP and jQuery
• Drupal CMS based Website Redesigns
• Server installation, Server-side Security and Caching
• E-commerce Design and CMS Integration
• Site Audits and Problem Resolution
• Migration of Existing Websites to the Drupal CMS
• Ongoing Service and Support

Relieve Your Worries

One of the biggest advantages of our Drupal-built websites is easy to use. Once you go live, you almost won’t need our team. If you can use Word, you’ll be able to update your website. You can edit pages, blog on the run and manage every aspect of your content using a web-based login. On the other hand, you will benefit from our experience as a skilled and talented Drupal service provider without a doubt. In order to ensure the smooth operation of your website, we’ll also offer a variety of related support services if necessary.

An Ideal Platform For Large & Growing Companies

Magento is a professional open-source e-commerce system which designed to be very flexible, powerful and cost-effective. It has modular architecture system and rich functionalities and its platform accommodates high volumes of traffic and large product catalogs. Turning in the direction of enterprises, Magento can handle all aspects of demands and construct a multi-purpose e-commerce website. What’s more, its API system can be seamlessly integrated with your other systems. Creating a site via Magento will help save you a lot of time and

Satisfy Various Of Your Demands

At this moment, Magento deserves to be the most popular e-commerce system because of its powerful functionalities.
• It has a strong commodity property system that can support any type of goods;
• As for shopping cart price rules, Magento’s complete handle of logical relationship is able to create arbitrary concessions;
• Flexible template system allows you to be a key switch of templates;
• Multi-store system has the ability to use an unified administration console to configure multiple shops and multiple domain names;
• Magento’s plugin system can flexibly increase or decrease functions for the system;
Magento supports SSL encrypted transmission foreground and background data and background permission levels to ensure your data is totally safe. We are happy to customize our offerings to meet your individual needs. Please feel free to
contact us anytime.

Magento Gold Solution Partner

Every decision matters when building an online store. As an experienced and reliable Magento development team, we provide our clients with the very best in Magento development and support, which allows us to build cost-efficiency and a high-quality ecommerce projects. We'll guide you through the pre-development phase so that you have a solid foundation for ecommerce success.

Solid Quality Assurance Decreases Maintenance Fees

Quality Assurance (QA) is a standardized method that ensures everything works as it was intended to work and looks as it was intended to look. In the past 3 years, Yeaoh has established a sound system of testing, including an initial site-specific test plan, a round of browser testing, and a generous integration phase during which the client can evaluate functionality while entering content. It helps you reduce development fees, maintenance fees as well as losses caused by quality problems.

Shoot Down Problems In Their Infancy

The general aim of web testing is to find problems, also known as bugs, issues or defects that might have a negative effect on the website or application. Web testing can also be used to find specific areas or aspects that can be improved and so gain better results from the website or application. In total, the throughout testing process is accordance with the V Model, which is commonly used to test organization. For the software defects measured in the test phase and maintenance phase, Yeaoh tester will promptly enter into the system in order to facilitate access and modify.

Follow The Typical Web Testing Process

Every project is different but a typical process for testing a website could be made up of the following components: Gather requirements; Work out what you are going to test; Putting together test scripts or checklists; Carrying out the tests and recording the results plus raising any bugs; Get the bugs fixed; Retest the fixed bugs; Retest the site again; Final checks; Launch! The process above might sound like a lot of work but following these steps should ensure a relatively smooth QA phase and straightforward launch. Without a process for testing, the end of the project can be much more stressful, ultimately taking longer and consisting of a lot more work than it should.

Web Design Affects Your Business

Nowadays, web design is more than design. Graphic Design for business has taken a distinct shift from print towards online media in recent years. The popularity of network attracts more potential customers to your company, thus website will be customers’ first impression of your company. From developing effective messaging that engages your customers, to creating user experiences that help you reach your goals, there’s nothing better than an effective web design.

Good Looks Don’t Bring In Sales

Winning design awards may be nice, but it won’t necessary pay the bills. Creating a website will evidently let more people know your company. However, if visitors do not understand your site, how can they make clear your services and business information and take further actions? Therefore, Yeaoh Media will focus more on ‘user’ instead of ‘art’ while designing. Of course, it isn’t bad to be pretty. If we can have both a beautiful design and get results, we’ll go for it. If we have to choose, we’ll stick with getting results. After all, profit matters more than appearance.

Design Is Not Only Photoshop But Also Psychology

The secret to a great website isn’t in having a pretty design. The real secret is in psychology and consumer behavior. At Yeaoh our graphic designer knows color psychology and the associations people make with specific shades and tones. What imagery will appeal to people? What is the type of people it’ll appeal to? Why it appeals to them? Yeaoh designers know all this and much more. We understand that our goal is to influence a visitor’s psychological state of mind and perception of your business. Because our designers know more than any other standard designer about how people behave, what makes them take action and ways they react to different elements, we're sure we can implement persuasive strategies into your website and business.

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Big jobs usually go to the men who prove their ability to outgrow small ones.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerso

Happy Customer

We worked closely with the team to capture the style we were looking for. They were extremely helpful in revising the HTML and CSS to get the site to look exactly like we wanted and we would not hesitate to go back again with our next project or site revision. They are knowledgeable and provide excellent customer service. We highly recommend the team at Yeaoh Media Inc to anyone seeking to create or grow their online business.

Carol.L - Buysmartonline

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